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Mount Hodo ObservatoryViewing Spot

Mount Hodo Observatory

Basic points

Mount Hodo is a mountain with an elevation of 497m located on the north side of Chichibu Basin and overlooks the Chichibu Basin and Chichibu mountain range. At the summit there is a rear shrine located at the back of Hodosan Shrine. Visitors are able to access the summit on a ropeway.
The observatory is also one of Kanto’s largest planting areas of Japanese allspice which flowers in February. Different flowers can be enjoyed each season, and there is also a small animal park that is popular with children.
Train: 20-minute walk from Chichibu Railway Nagatoro Station (to Hodosan Ropeway Sanroku Base Station). Take the ropeway to Top Station (approx. 5 minutes).
Sites nearby/Base facility
Nagatoro Town Museum17:Iwadatami and Chichibu Red Cliff18:ToraiwaSaitama Museum of Natural History16:Horaijima (Sacred Mountain Island)


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