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What Are Geosites?

Geosites refer to a collection of sightseeing spots (Geopoints), such as geological features, landforms, and history that can be seen onsite, grouped together around a unique theme that differentiates the Geopark.

Chichibu Geopark has 34 designated Geosites, and all Geosites are located relatively close to each other, making it safe for tourists to visit. The characteristic of Chichibu Geopark is that there are ancient rocks and stratums that help visitors learn about the formation of the Japanese Archipelago and the composition of earth, as well as view the many beautiful and rare metamorphic rocks as represented by the Iwadatami rocks at Nagatoro, the vestiges of the past when Chichibu was still covered by the ocean, and numerous locations that elucidate the relationship between Earth and people’s lives and religious practices.

In addition to Geosites, there are cultural and historical sites, ecology sites, and viewing spots—all of which allow visitors to enjoy and learn about Geo from various perspectives. Each area within the region has base facilities such as the Saitama Museum of Natural History and Fossil Museum of Ogano where there are materials and exhibits about Geo.

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