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Chichibu Railroad Arakawa BridgeCulture/History Site

Chichibu Railroad Arakawa Bridge

Basic points

Completed in 1914, this is the longest bridge along the tracks of the Chichibu railroad. It is made from granite and brick. Although some parts of its are now reinforced with concrete, the bridge is still in service.
When the Chichibu railroad was extended to Chichibu, the shore to the left of Arakawa River ahead of Kami-Nagatoro Station had been a nanjaku jiban (soft ground) made of jamongan (serpentine), making it necessary to change routes. Thus, this bridge was built to cross over to the right shore of Arakawa River and connect to the Chichibu area.
Train: 9-minute walk from Chichibu Railway Oyahana Station (to Oyahana Kawara) or 4-minute walk from Kami-Nagatoro Station (to the pier).
Sites nearby/Base facility
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