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Mélange of Chichibu Kegon FallsGeosite 23

Mélange of Chichibu Kegon Falls

Basic points

This is a beautiful waterfall with a fall of approximately 12m that flows on top of the hard red rock of Chichibu belt called chert.
Chert in this region broke apart into pieces when the oceanic plate slid underneath the ocean trench and then mixed with mudstone, resulting in something called a Mélange, which comprises part of a mixture of large blocks of rock.
Bus: Take the Minano Town Bus bound for Nishitatsuzawa from Chichibu Railway Minano Station. Get off at Chichibu Kegon-mae and walk for 5 minutes.
Sites nearby/Base facility
22:Limestone Body of Suisen-ji Temple (Chichibu Pilgrimage Temple No. 34)24:Nenogami Falls20:Jamongan Next to Kuriyaze Bridge21:Maehara Discordance


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